Pencil for your thoughts?

My job isn’t particularly hectic. There are certain times, however, when the pace speeds up and there are long hours of work. Yesterday was one of those times. About 10 hours of preparation and work to get ready for room sign up for next year. My boss told me when I walked in yesterday that she had an extremely hard task for me. She handed me 10 boxes of pencils and an electric pencil sharpener.
I had plenty of time to contemplate life while I sharpened those 240 pencils. I thought that somewhere in the Papermate company there is someone who works for quality control who does what I was doing every day they comes to work. I felt sad for that person and hoped that they were paid very well for their services. I also thought that no matter how hard someone works at quality control, some bad ones always get through. I found two pencils without lead in them, one with no eraser, and several that just looked worn when I took them out of the box.
I used one of those pencils until I had worn it down to the nub last night. The same could not be said for the packs of pens that we bought for the occasion. Talk about junk. They wouldn’t write for some reason. If life ever turns on me and I need a job, I’ll look and see if Papermate is hiring.