Return from a road trip

Well, I did something this past weekend that I have wanted to do for a long time. I traveled to Boston to see the Red Sox play the Orioles in Fenway Park. The game was great and I think I am even turning my wife into a baseball fan, at least for games in person. I don’t think she is at the point to watch them on television yet.
Fenway was amazing. I have always wanted to visit and see the Red Sox play there. They didn’t disappoint either, beating the Orioles 13-4. Our seats were okay, they were in full view of the action but some of those old wooden seats that were definitely built for smaller people. I was lucky to get the tickets at all so I am not really complaining.
We drove this trip, which was not bad coming back but I made one slightly wrong turn in New Jersey going up there and it added a lot of time to our trip. We hit the Jersey Turnpike right before quitting time and it was a stop and go experience.
I like road trips though and it was good to see the east coast from the car.
Comments are appreciated.

Wednesday night update

I hope you all are doing well on this Wednesday evening. I have been busy the past few days with work related issues. This time of the year is usually busy for me. Things will slow down a little for now but things are always steady until about the middle of March, when business picks up bit by bit until about the second week of May. Then we are into the summer months.

A positive about summer that I am looking forward to is fulfilling one of my lifelong dreams of seeing the Red Sox play in Fenway Park. I have never visited Boston before so this will be one exciting trip for me and a kind of vacation to kick off the start of the summer.

One of the resolutions that I made for myself this year was to lose some weight. Now I have a large amount of weight to lose but don’t plan to do it all at once or very quickly. I didn’t get to be the shape I am in now overnight and I am not going to lose it all overnight. I am proud to say that I have lost about 17 pounds so far. I watch what I eat and make sure that I am eating all of the right things. I probably have a couple of pounds of that back after visiting a Chinese buffet today for lunch to celebrate my bosses birthday. I did notice that I was full way earlier than I used to be and stopped eating long before the other people I was with. I guess that is progress. I had a wonderful dinner tonight prepared by my lovely wife. A nice salad and some good chicken breast. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Thank you to everyone who has visited the blog the past few days and left comments. I love it when I hear from people out there who read this little blog of mine.

It is time for me to run. Take care.

What a night!

The Orioles game the other night was fantastic. Getting away from the stresses of everyday was nice. I finally got to see a Major League Baseball game with my dad. My sister wasn’t so bad on the trip either.
When we got to Baltimore, we found the stadium and parked. We had about three hours to kill before the game, so we decided to check out the Baltimore Sports Museum that is next to the ballpark. The museum was okay, only there was this rude guy who totally pissed me off in there. When we left, we went down the street a little ways and got something to eat from California Tortilla. As we were eating, a guy came through and went off on the cashier. I was thinking to myself, man are these people in Maryland rude. After we ate though and got back to the ballpark, man was that great. I saw Tuesday night perhaps one of the greatest games of baseball in my life. The star for the Orioles was Corey Patterson, who had a stolen base, two home runs and the game winning catch to help the Orioles beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 7-5. His catch was featured as the play of the day on our local newscast when I got back home.
What a memory, and what a night!

Summer is almost here

This is a good time of the year for me. Things have slowed down at my job. I have some free time to pursue my interests. I am going to get a lot of reading done this summer. I am also going to do some writing, especially in this Blog.
I am also doing something at the end of this month that I have wanted to do for a long time. I am going to my first Major League Baseball game. My father, younger sister, and I are going up to Baltimore to see the Orioles play the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. This is so exciting to me. It is something that I never got to do growing up. I thought to myself earlier in the year, “What am I waiting for?” If I don’t do this now I may never get the chance to do it. So I took the plunge and ordered the tickets. I am taking my notebook and writing notes throughout the game of the experience. Then I am going to come back and write about it here.
We all need challenges in life. I challenge myself to little things all of the time. As 2005 began I challenged myself to read a million pages in books. I have been keeping track ever since. I have hit every goal along the way that I have set for myself. I am looking forward to knocking quite a few pages off the list this summer. I have a backlog of about 20 books that I have to read so lack of reading material is not a problem.
I have been slowly getting back into my regular television watching habits. With my job, things can get out of hand quickly. A quick list of my favorites listed by night:
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Prison Break
CSI: Miami
Boston Legal
Criminal Minds
CSI: New York
My Name Is Earl

Respectfully Submitted

Afternoon Update

Good afternoon. Welcome back to Joey’s Jots and the start of a whole new week. I apologize for the lack of updates the past few days. I was busy with work. I will try to make a better effort this week to pound out more copy. Which leads me to this weeks…
Up Front and Center
Two things to lead off the week; Steroids in baseball and the Salvation Army bell ringer controversy with Target. I have a very interesting view on both.
The Target stores have come under attack in the past week by banning the Salvation Army from placing its bell ringers and kettles in front of Target stores. Target’s position is that it doesn’t allow any solicitation in front of any of its stores and wouldn’t make an exception for the Salvation Army. This has drawn fire from many people calling for bans of Target and calling Target Scrooges.
This may surprise some of you, but I’m going to side with Target on this one. The Salvation Army is one of the best charity organizations out there. I know people who work for the Salvation Army and belong to the Salvation Army church. I always give to the kettle when the holidays come around because I am a soft touch. I will try to give something to the charities that stand out in front of stores, often to the chagrin of the people that I am with. With that said, Target should do what they think is right. If they don’t allow solicitation, then they shouldn’t allow the Salvation Army. If you let one in then you have to allow all of them in. For every Salvation Army or Red Cross, you get those “charities” that no one has ever heard of that harass you all over the parking lot and can even get nasty if you don’t give something.
If you want to give to the Salvation Army, fine. Give to the Salvation Army. The kettles will be at countless other stores this holiday season. And if you don’t want to shop at Target, also fine. There are numerous other places that sell the same items as Target. If you want to hurt Target, then vote with your pocketbook or wallet.
Then there is steroids in baseball. This story got on my nerves about 45 seconds after it broke. If Jason Giambi or Mark Mcguire or Barry Bonds have done steroids, fine. It doesn’t bother me at all. Should they be playing baseball now? Of course not. But that is the responsibility of Major League Baseball to clean up this mess. If it bothers you as a fan, then again you have to vote with your money. Don’t watch the games and don’t go out to the parks. Send the league a message that they have to clean up their act. This is the way to go, not through some legislative way. If we are upset with something in the world of sports, then we can deal with it on our own. We don’t need the government to step in and try to clean up every little mess for us. More later.