Wednesday night update

I hope you all are doing well on this Wednesday evening. I have been busy the past few days with work related issues. This time of the year is usually busy for me. Things will slow down a little for now but things are always steady until about the middle of March, when business picks up bit by bit until about the second week of May. Then we are into the summer months.

A positive about summer that I am looking forward to is fulfilling one of my lifelong dreams of seeing the Red Sox play in Fenway Park. I have never visited Boston before so this will be one exciting trip for me and a kind of vacation to kick off the start of the summer.

One of the resolutions that I made for myself this year was to lose some weight. Now I have a large amount of weight to lose but don’t plan to do it all at once or very quickly. I didn’t get to be the shape I am in now overnight and I am not going to lose it all overnight. I am proud to say that I have lost about 17 pounds so far. I watch what I eat and make sure that I am eating all of the right things. I probably have a couple of pounds of that back after visiting a Chinese buffet today for lunch to celebrate my bosses birthday. I did notice that I was full way earlier than I used to be and stopped eating long before the other people I was with. I guess that is progress. I had a wonderful dinner tonight prepared by my lovely wife. A nice salad and some good chicken breast. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Thank you to everyone who has visited the blog the past few days and left comments. I love it when I hear from people out there who read this little blog of mine.

It is time for me to run. Take care.

Time Magazine Person of the Year

As it turns out, we are all familiar with the Person of the year.

Time did the right thing this year. I actually thought that they would do something like this back in 2004 with the huge amount of blogs created that year and all of the impact they were supposed to have and continue to have on the political process.

At this rate, 2007 is going to be an interesting year.

How long has it been?

I’m Back!!! It has been too long since my last post. I am truly sorry for that. Life throws you into so many new and exciting directions. I have been enjoying life, trying to hang on and avoid drowning. I have been doing a little work on the site. Going back and editing some posts for clarity. Mistakes have a way of slipping by you when you are a third rate writer. I mean that sentence with complete honesty. I try to look at the bright side. I used to be a fifth rate writer.
Some things that make my blood pressure rise up:

  1. People who say “I completely changed my attitude and thinking on a subject. I did a 360 on the subject.” No you didn’t. You did a 180 on the subject. A 360 would put you right back where you were. Learn some geometry.
  2. When you say I’m Sorry to someone for something that has happened to them and they say “It’s not your fault.” I didn’t say it was my fault. I did not apologize. I said that I was sorry that whatever happened to you happened.
  3. This one really gets my goat. It has happened to me several times over the years. I am fat. I get that. I don’t try to hide it because I couldn’t even if I wanted to. With that being said, people will tend to think that if someone else doesn’t want their food and does not want that food to go to waste, then I will eat it. This part of it doesn’t really bother me. Usually I will eat it. I didn’t get fat for no reason. The part that gets me is what they always say. They will point to me and say, “Give it to Mikey, he will eat anything!!”. They are of course, comparing me to little Mikey from the old Life cereal commercial. The only problem is, they are all miss quoting the commercial! The commercial is like this; the other kids don’t want to eat the cereal and one of them says, “Let’s give it to Mikey.” The other kid says, “He won’t eat it, he hates everything.” Then the kids are amazed because Mikey actually likes the cereal. Somehow in the last 30 years, people remember he hates everything to he eats everything.

I will try to post again soon.

Respectfully Submitted

Afternoon Post

Greetings and good afternoon.
I apologize for the lack of updates to the site lately. I have been really busy with work the past few days. Then my wife and I moved this weekend and our new place does not have internet access. So I am stuck pounding out copy whenever I can get to it. I have been thinking about what I am going to do to keep the site viable. I am going to write my copy offline and when I get to a computer with the internet, I will post the entries. So check back often to see if the site has been updated. Fewer entries but longer entries. I think it is a good trade off. More later.

Afternoon Update

Good afternoon…Short update today.
I have been busy the past few days with work and other stuff. I may have another job coming up soon. It is a position that I really want and that I am excited about. I am also moving. So it has been hectic this time of the year.
The congress is going to pass this new intelligence reform bill and the president will sign it in a big ceremony shortly after. The news now is who is going to be the new intelligence big man. Rumors are going around with different names such as Porter Goss, the new CIA director, Gov Tom Kean,Rep Pete Hoekstra and a few others. I think an excellent choice would be Senator Joe Lieberman. This is a man who has integrity and respect from people on both sides of the aisle.
It was reported earlier today that Dick Clark has suffered a stroke. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery and holiday wishes to him and his family. It just wouldn’t be the New Year without Dick Clark in Times Square.
I saw something interesting today in Wal Mart. The third season of 24 is out now and the sticker on the box said that the fourth season premier is going to be two hours long. I am all over that next month.
More later.