Too Long, and some books

I know it has been way too long since I last posted. Life throws things your way and you lose track of time.

I have decided to use this blog to track the progress I make on my million page march. That is my chronicle of a million pages read in 20 years. I figure it is going to take me at least that long because I like to read, but I am not a fast reader by any means.

Recent reads
The Little Book, by Selden Edwards…This book took me a while to get into. It is the story of Wheeler Burden, a former baseball hero/rock star turned literary man, who finds himself in 1894 in Vienna after an encounter with a stranger in 1988 San Francisco. Mr. Edwards paints a beautiful word picture that really captures the time and place. The middle seemed to drag for me but I was hooked after that.

Forever Odd, by Dean Koontz…This is the Second book in the Odd Thomas series, about a boy in a small town who can see dead people. I received this as a birthday gift several years ago and had to go back and find the first book. I loved it and looked forward to this one. It was hard going after the first 90 pages or so. I like the character of Little Ozzie the best I think. The enemies in this one were unique, there was too much description of tunnels and elevators and things like that. I will read the next book in the series.

Will post more often, hopefully